UPDATE 06/20/2020:

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every person and business around the world. After many long hours over many long weeks, we are again shipping in stock orders within 1 business day.

Most carriers, including UPS, FEDEX and CanadaPost, are experiencing delays, but are doing their best to deliver on time. Please check your sent tracking number(s) before contacting our Customer Service should your package be delayed. We will continue to monitor the situation, and are doing our absolute best to service you in a timely manner.

All suppliers are also experiencing delays in recieving inventory, which in turn delays our order's for sold out item's, we are recieving out of stock items on a daily bases and entering them as quick as possible.

In-store shopping still remains closed at this time. We are monitoring case levels daily, and will make a desision about re-opening to the public when levels have subsided to the point of no concern. There would be nothing worse than to have one of you contract the virus for what-ever reason, and have you're lives dissrupted for weeks, by not allowing public access at this time, stops that.

We will be adding 1 more pickup option, and adjusting the ordering cutoff times later this weekend.

Please....... if you select a pickup date, be there to pickup your order!!!! We work hard to have you're order ready for the time you have chosen, if you are unable to make the pickup for some unforeseen reason, please call us and let us know, it is all we ask.



We are going to start offering pickup of your order on a trial bases with some restrictions starting May 6th: 

We will be offering 2 slots per week only, Wednesdays between 3 and 5 pm, and Saturdays 9am till noon. Order's placed from Saturday through Tuesday will be ready for Wednesday's pick-up slot, Order's placed between Wednesday and Friday will be available for Saturdays pick-up slot.

There will be NO additions or exchanges, be sure you have ordered what you need and correctly. 

Please wait for your confirmation email that your order is ready for pick-up. When you arrive, please call us and advise you are here to pickup your order, have your order number on hand, or a copy of the confirmation email. Orders will be handed off to you at our loading dock in the rear.  If you find yourself arriving when others are there, social distancing must be put in place. We will give this a go, and if all goes well we will open more time slots.

We appreciate your patience over the last 4 weeks, we have been recieving over 100+ orders daily, and starting our day at 4:30 am just to get as many as we possibly can completed each day.

As of today we are processing April 26th orders, and should be on top of it by friday.....

As a note on pickups, if your order has yet to recieve a shipped status and you would like it added to the first pickup slot for May 6th, please contact us ASAP before we package it and create a shipping label.

Stay safe all, hopefully we can all return to normal very very soon. 




UPDATED 03/30/2020: Orders and stock levels. 

Please remember all weekend orders ship tuesday. We are in Saturday,Sunday, and monday, picking and packaging so they can ship on time. As for stock levels, we recieved several pallets of stock last week, and we are trying to get the inventory entered as fast as we can, if you're on hold for something and want to know if we have recieved, just shoot us an email. Live yeast and grain arrived last week, distilation product's early next week along with several more pallets of misc equipment and supplies....

Stay safe all.....




UPDATED 03/27/2020: Co2 Refilling will be performed by appointment only. No soda or paintball canisters @ this time.

Please call to arrange a time, and call when you arrive at our dock so we know your here. Cash only please (please use coins if possible) as the debit machines will not be accessable. Tanks requiring recertification will not be filled, but you may leave for certification. We will book appointments so there is no overlay between them. If an overlap occurs, Physical distancing must be practiced.

UPDATED 03/25/2020: 

Covid-19 Update:

We will resume shipping friday March 27th, We will continue to offer sameday shipping for orders placed by 2pm. The store front will remain closed untill further notice. We will also not be offering pickup service at this time, please place your order for shipping to your location.