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Using natural flavor and color, Artisans are shelf and heat stable. They have no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. On top of that, they cut operational costs because there's no freezing, thawing, or reduction required. Artisans are ready-to-use and highly concentrated. Ideal for contributing flavor and aroma to your craft beers to create your ultimate brew. TTB approved. This product contains natural sugars and will add approximately .002 - .004 points of gravity. For that reason it is recommended to add this product at the end of secondary fermentation and allow gravity to drop back down to the FG range listed in your beer or wine instructions.


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Customer reviews

Mangrove Jack's Apple Cider (Yumm)

Posted by Dave on 11/23/2017

I have been using this particular brand of Cider kit for a couple years now. It is simply outstanding! My friends and co-workers agree and they have had me make batches for them as well.

Following the instructions provided will give you an excellent cold drink that you and your friends will enjoy on a hot summer day. I personally change the ingredients slightly from what is provided but is completely unnecessary. As an alternative you can up the 1kg of Dextrose to 1.5kg and add one 5oz bottle of the Apple flavoring you can find at almost any craft store. Add the flavoring after the primary fermentation.

I would highly recommend waiting at least a month after bottling. This stuff truly does get better with the wait and I found 5 or 6 months is the sweet spot. I store it in my basement in the dark and it is cool and the temp doesn't fluctuate much. It should end up around 6.5 - 6.75%.

You will not regret getting this kit. I am going to try one of the Spiced Ciders next and see how that goes.